black mold dangers

Learn the dangers of DIY mold projects and how a professional can. Nothing is “black and white” and almost every job needs some type of.

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"Dangerous conditions like black mold." She provided photos of one apartment she said management refused to move residents from. "I could not be in there more than five minutes without getting a.

Dangers of Mold. Some of the respiratory symptoms of exposure to mold include coughing, sneezing, lung congestion, runny nose, asthma attacks in those with asthma and asthma-like symptoms in people that don’t have asthma (or that have never had it before). People may also have other hay fever-like symptoms such as watery, itchy eyes and a sore throat.

"Staccibatrus which often is referred to as ‘black mold’ is a slow-growing, but quite dangerous mold," Carl Carlson, managing partner for green home solutions, said. Carlson said to keep in mind that.

Is it possible that you are living with regular or black mold and experiencing asthma-like symptoms because of it? Black mold is a serious risk.

When most people think of “black mold,” they're thinking of one or more of the species of fungus that are dark-colored and thrive on the.

The Hidden Dangers Of Black Mold. Exposure to mold increases the risk of health problems such as asthma, allergies, and even depression. According to a 1999 mayo clinic study, nearly all chronic sinus infections, which afflict 37 million Americans and are often mistaken for the common cold, are a.

Mold reproduces through spores released into the air, making it necessary to take precaution when cleaning the surface. Although some household molds will only irritate allergies, black mold can be very dangerous and cause severe health conditions. Removing black mold is just like any other form, it just requires extra care.

Dangers of Black Mold in Bathroom Respiratory infections, including coughing, sneezing, and sore throat. Chronic fatigue, exhaustion, headache and migraines, even mental depression and mental impairment. blood diseases, including hemorrhage, nosebleed, and mucous membrane irritation. damage to.

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