Couple Stole Mortgage, Rental Payments: MDPD

He has also agreed to forego any appeal of the decision and has until the end of the year to pay the fine. “It’s not as if I stole money from Pauline and Stella,” Gandhi said, adding that if he had.

Just a happy couple coming to visit." A financial affidavit filed july 3 lists Christensen as unemployed, while showing his wife makes $1,800 a month. The couple pay $900 a month in rent, $100 in.

A husband and wife are facing charges after authorities say they used their south florida real estate business to steal mortgage and rental payments. Gabriela Salguero, 43, and Frank Perugorria, 22,

Elena and Lazaro Iglesias Miami-Dade Police. She said they spent most of the stolen MIA money to pay off credit-card bills, car loans and.

TRENTON — A Ewing couple who ran a Trenton-based real estate firm have admitted they defrauded mortgage companies of $641,800 and stole $600,000 from home sellers, the.

On a recent day, Jimenez rocked her 2-month-old granddaughter in a dusty parking lot while the couple’s youngest daughter. at a mechanics shop specializing in police cars to pay the $1,055 mortgage.

Hecuba retaliation

 · After 20 years in their house, Jaime and Juana Coronel lost it to foreclosure when Jaime’s landscaping work dried up in the recession and the couple fell behind on payments. As the eviction.

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Miami-Dade Police say there could be more victims.. Martinez said some of the stolen mortgage payments from investors lead to foreclosures on their property.. She asked for first and last month's rent and a number of fees.

If three people hold title as tenants in common and one of them stops contributing to the mortgage payment, the remaining two would still be liable for the loan to prevent default. It’s important to choose your tenants in common wisely. A common misconception is that tenants are people who rent.