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With one final, loud exclaimation, the mental tumult was enveloped by pure sonic buzzing, and everything went blank. As Steven looked deep into the forest, pacing into the depths, a sudden flash of light followed by a powerful shockwave burst from the centre of the forest, the roaring energy shaking the trees and coming right for Steven.

Percy replied exhaustedly down the stairs not leaving his room. "Just because a Dark Wizard is on the prowl, doesn’t get you excused. I even just sent your owl to Harry and Ron to take them their list of things to do. I have to get flowers, and pick up Fleur from the Floo terminal, and then fit her dress and make sure you boys don’t pant all.

jonathan lapaglia (hector), sophie lowe (connie), the slap. it’s interesting how you rewrite a book after you have read it. as i watched the slap unfold slowly over eight weeks on abctv, i believed certain things had been changed-characters shifted about, extra plot points added-but when i revisited the book it was my memory that had made omissions, had chosen certain bits to elevate or.

Oh, Louis. I really, really love Louis Litt. It took me a while, but once I started, I just couldn’t help myself. Unlike Michael Scott from The Office, I can kind of relate to him, and appreciate his role on the show, and especially his actor, Rick Hoffman, who is excellent at being such a weirdo character.

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 · Note: This is the second story in a two-part series. Please read The Stalker – Part 1 if you haven’t already! My bus arrived late the next morning – a blessing to me since I probably would have missed it otherwise. I barely managed to stumble out to the bus.

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