Mortgage Fraud

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Mortgage fraud occurs when borrowers try to deceive the mortgage lender while applying for a mortgage in order to get a mortgage they would not legitimately qualify for. In many cases, the borrowers work with the sellers and split their gains once the mortgage is obtained. Either.

The mortgage crisis has affected Nevada more adversely than any other state. With so many Nevadans unable to pay their mortgages and at risk of losing their .

Because mortgage fraud takes time to develop, many institutions, particularly newer ones or shops with new management teams, may be at risk and not realize it.

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Among the government's largest fraud recoveries are those relating to mortgage fraud following the financial crises of 2008. Some of these recoveries are the.

The FBI investigates mortgage fraud in two distinct areas: Fraud for Profit and Fraud for Housing. Fraud for Profit is sometimes referred to as “Industry Insider Fraud” and the motive is to revolve equity, falsely inflate the value of the property, or issue loans based on fictitious properties.

CoreLogic’s latest Mortgage Fraud Report, released Tuesday, shows a 3.2 percent year-over-year increase in fraud risk among mortgages in the U.S. in the second quarter of 2014, as measured by the.

Fraud in connection with home mortgages is on the rise, ranging from little white lies about the intended use of the property all the way up to much more sophisticated schemes. But what, you ask, does.