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It changed my life for the better. While drinking all the time, I made some very horrible choices. For instance, why get up and go to work, when.

my crazy life Apologies For My Recent radio silence! january 22, 2019 January 21, There are a number of reasons for my recent silence here on "Ramblings of an Author", and I can only apologize for not having been able to give advanced notice.

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Hi! Welcome to My Crazy Good Life! I’m so glad you stopped by. Whether you’re here to learn more about eating healthy, meal prep, cooking with an Instant Pot or slow cooker, or even on the stove-you’ve come to the right place.

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 · My Insane Ramblings « IDK. Don’t Forget » Why does my life suck. well i’ve been unemployed now since april and i finally broke down and went to reapply with a company i use to work for. I figure that i had to do something, so it’s been a week and.

He talked the talk, but he also walked the walk. His life wasn’t a performance like so many others my husband had known. It.

After that, I have always wanted to visit Australia, but my fears (listed above) have always stopped me. It would make a great family vacation. My husband could go surfing, my children and I could go exploring, it would be fun for everyone. My fears of non-English speaking and muggings shall be.

My Insane Ramblings. what’s up people, it’s been awhile Posted in Uncategorized on August 18, playing WoW. god my life sucks. i’ve thought of just leaving my house and live on the streets since it seems like that is what my life is destined for(can’t pass any tests for my microsoft.

I’m genuinely, for once in my life, speechless! "My supporters have had my back like crazy – this is all you guys, thank you so much." Named after a viral dance move, Vossi Bop sees the grime star.

That’s what that movie [Like Crazy] was. of each other’s life and their story is so ingrained, from them giving up.