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Asset Based Lending For Real Estate – How to acquire asset based mortgage blog , stated income loan / June 22, 2015 by Darryl Bledsoe In simple terms, asset based lending is a kind of loan which is secured by an asset or property.

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4 Critical Considerations For Every Mortgage Borrower Ignore at your own risk! In my post from a few weeks ago, Should I stay or Should I Go? , I spoke about my research into how and why retirees were faced with this tough decision.

The Issue of Debt: Part 5, Mortgages Recently, a client decided to pay their mortgage in full, and live their retirement years mortgage (and other debt) free. While this may not be something to consider for many people, for my clients it was a very real option, and I was happy to help them make [.]


A 2013 survey found that 40% of Americans age 55 and older believe that paying off their mortgage was the smartest financial move they ever made. [i] There’s also a certain peace of mind that can come from having one less bill to pay in your later years.

You can also call to compare mortgage rates. You can pay for PMI with one single payment instead of monthly. Read about the pros and cons before you get single-premium mortgage insurance. Mortgage calculator u. states paying off personal loan early calculator,best home loans getting a mortgage,mobile home loans low interest loans.

When you pay off a refinanced mortgage you may be hit with several fees. There are a number of fees the mortgage lender charges when a homeowner pays off the mortgage, such as processing and faxing fees. Learn what the fees associated are with paying off a refinanced mortgage.