Twin Galaxies Removes Former Donkey Kong Champ Billy Mitchell’s High Scores

It’s Official: Billy Mitchell’s Donkey kong high scores Deleted. The big decision came after months of investigation and research from Twin Galaxies, which was alerted to potential rule-breaking by Jeremy Young, the moderator of a popular Donkey Kong forum. Young had become suspicious of Mitchell’s seeming inability to recreate his more.

Twin Galaxies has removed donkey kong champion Billy Mitchell’s high scores from their leaderboards after claiming he achieved his records using an emulator. Full story below:

Embattled Donkey Kong Record Holder Billy Mitchell Wants To Clear His Name. concluded that Mitchell cheated to attain his famous Donkey Kong scores. Twin Galaxies.

Donkey Kong scoreboard strips Billy Mitchell’s high score claims [Updated] Amid all this unfolding drama, Robbie Lakeman managed to beat his own donkey kong world record in a livestreamed performance on Friday. Lakeman surpassed a December mark of 1,230,100 by scoring 1,247,700 points.

The evidence brought against Mitchell was conclusive enough to prompt Donkey Kong Forum high score moderator jeremy Young to remove all of Mitchell’s scores subsequent to the 933,900 performance in Milwaukee from May of 2004, which was Mitchell’s only record-breaking score that could be corroborated by independent witnesses.

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 · Billy Mitchell banned from Twin Galaxies, all scores removed. Thread starter Erik Twice; Start date Apr 12, 2018; Forums.. people in the know have been suspicious of his Donkey Kong scores for a very long time. There were things that didn’t seem right, and, privately, some people expressed their doubts.. (including some former Twin Galaxy.

The case against an all-time Donkey Kong great, explained (update). point high scores thrown out by Donkey Kong’s largest online community. Another is under question at Twin Galaxies, the.

Billy Mitchell, the former King of Kong, has been dethroned after his scores were scrubbed from Twin Galaxies’ leaderboards in the wake of a dispute asserting that the high score record holder in.

 · Twin Galaxies removes all of infamous gamer billy mitchell’s records pac-man and Donkey Kong master Billy Mitchell has built up quite the reputation for himself over the last few decades, both for his undeniable gaming skills and his abrasive and competitive personality.

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